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Pyrotehnics Mailing List

A decent flash has a critical detonable mass of between 30 and 50 grams.
This means that that quantity will detonate with concussion and a shock wave
when ignited in open air: no container, just loose on the ground. A cup or a
shell casing does not count as loose: it still confines the flash enough to
accelerate the reaction. Less flash than the critical mass will just burn
violently. Compare this with black powder which has a critical mass of over
500 pounds. The average three inch salute containing about 4 ounces of flash
will dismember a person, not just blow off a hand. Think about it the next
time you blend an 11 pound batch! One of the really nasty realities about
flash is that as the size of the charge doubles, the force of the explosion
increases eight times! Those of you who have seen the flash demos at PGI
conventions since '85 or so will remember what a pound of loose flash does
to a wooden structure. The flash, fireball, and chest pounding report is an
awesome sight. You generally can't find a piece of the shed bigger than a

Here are a few of the known do's and don'ts regarding flash:

Do mix only in humid weather (relative humidity of 50% or greater) to reduce
the hazards associated with static electricity ignition.

Do wear only cotton or leather clothing when mixing (burn and static

Do remove all jewelry and metal from your person.

Do spray yourself, your work area, and your tools with static guard laundry
spray before mixing.

Do screen all of your ingredients separately. Never screen compounded flash
(or other high energy materials). Particularly, you should also never screen
anything with a sparking material such as titanium in it.

Do mix flash on a large sheet of paper by alternately lifting the corners
and rolling the ingredients to the center. This method, known as the
'diaper' or 'blanket-rolling' method is common throughout the fireworks and
the explosives trades and is always used for high energy and sensitive
Do add the titanium last, after the material is well blended (I also add
some rice hulls to flash for 3" and larger salutes to prevent caking).

Do mix outdoors, away from people, buildings, etc.

Do limit your batch sizes to 10 pounds or less (commercial guidelines).

Do limit one batch at a time and one worker in a work room when charging

Do remove all charged casing to a magazine before introducing a new batch to
the work room.

Do clean up all spills promptly and be very careful cleaning spills
containing titanium.

Do wear a dust respirator when mixing: metal dusts have proven to be

Don't mix or store flash in anything plastic, or use any plastic tools or
utensils (static hazard).

Don't store loose flash, particularly in bulk.

Don't mix, store, handle, or use any flash containing potassium chlorate or
magnesium in it, particularly if sulfur is present in the mix. Note that
paper usually has a good bit of free sulfur present in it

Don't mix where flash can be blown away to be ignited by a pilot light, etc.

Don't smoke or be around any other source of ignition if you are wearing
clothes that have been possibly contaminated by flash.

Don't expose any extraneous people to flash operations. Limit it to just the
people needed to get the job done, period.

More About Flash
by Tim Nowicki

>From a safety stand point, enough just can't be said about flash powder. If
you don't believe me, just check out the John Vico seminar in the AFN
Fireworks Video Magazine #4. He is living proof that shit can happen to
anybody. You just can't have the "ain't gonna happen to me" attitude. At one
of our club picnics I set off a bag of flash powder (a little less than one
pound). You'd have to be there to understand the power of this stuff. This
powder was in a bag - no casing, no end plugs. For this small demo you will
gain an instant respect for flash. To wrap up this short article, I'd like
to add some info that was not included in Mike Stoumen's Flash article. The
following is reprinted with permission from Bill Ofca's "Technique in Fire:
All about Flash and Aerial Salutes." This is a breakdown of what will happen
when one hundred pounds (100 lbs) of flash is detonated in the open air. It
is instantly lethal in a 25 foot open air radius and lethal up to several
hundred feet if hit by missiles propelled from the blast. Windows will break
for a 1/4 mile radius and buildings will sustain structural damage to window
and door frames up to 600 feet away. Buildings within 200 feet will sustain
structural damage to framing timbers. Any questions?????


Message: 3
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:43:35 +0400
From: "StyleR"
Subject: Очистка опилок

Разломал дедовскую старую чугунную печку, наточил опилок, напильником, но
они получились с мусором типа ржавчины, деревянных опилок и т.п. Как от
всего этого избавиться?
Что приходитв голову, это магнитом, но при этом на магнит пристают так же
все остальные сооставляющие: ржавчина из-за содержания кусочков чугуна,
деревянные опилки из-за прилпших к ним стальных опилок...
Может есть какиенибудь еще варианты?

ЗЫЖ Точиться он хреново, может есть другой способ получания хотыбя железного
порошка? Например восстановлением из железодержащей соли?


Message: 4
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 01:32:28 +0400 (MSD)
From: "Alex"
Subject: Re: Очистка опилок

> Что приходитв голову, это магнитом, но при этом на магнит пристают так же

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